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R.N.R. Solutions to Addiction

In cases when it is appropriate, our alternative sentencing solutions offers treatment in lieu of incarceration. Addiction and alcoholism are often long term, chronic problems that require treatment. Recognized as “experts” and appointed by the courts we can create a “legal treatment plan” to address both the legal requirements and the client’s specific rehabilitation needs. One thing is for certain, incarceration does not reduce addiction, treatment does.

Alternative Sentencing Solutions

Assessments are often critical in determining the outcome of court cases that involve alcohol or drug use. This assessment will be our best judgment about a client’s situation and there is no guarantee that the court will agree with our recommendation. We believe, however, treatment to be the outcome of choice for people who suffer with substance use disorders, and we will recommend treatment over incarceration.


The most important factor is the client, which is why the interview/assessment phase is so important. We will only take a case if the client is willing to go to treatment. The screening process helps identify issues to be addressed such as, need for detoxification, substance abuse history, special needs, medical conditions, HIV, mental health history, prescription medical and/or psychotropic medications, the need for a psychological evaluation, pregnancy, children, sexual orientation and the ability or inability to pay for treatment.

Evaluation & Assessment

With our unique “sociological placement technique” we match the client with the best rehabilitation center based on their needs, resources and personality. We don’t want to “set the client up for failure” with an inappropriate match. We only work with court and probation approved drug and alcohol treatment centers. Our program placement can be an effective tool in the negotiations for a favorable sentencing outcome.


At R.N.R. we have an extensive contact network with a variety of programs, that offer a full continuum of services to best meet the needs of the clients, whether private or publicly funded. With our prison release service, we place inmates into treatment upon release from state prison. We make all the arrangements with parole and they are released to us to be transported directly to the program.

Program Placement

Once a client is ready to enroll in a treatment center, it’s critical that the client be transported directly there. The importance of this stage cannot be overstated. Whether it’s from home, the county jail, state prison or another state, R.N.R. provides reliable transportation and supervision until the client is officially enrolled in the treatment center.


At R.N.R., our liaison service is based on extensive knowledge of the overall process. We will do everything possible to make sure that there is a smooth transition from incarceration to treatment. It is important that everything is coordinated to insure that the program meets the court sentencing guidelines, that the inmate meets the program eligibility requirements and that it all comes together in a timely manner. This process requires that we interface with the probation and/or parole agents, Jail Mental Health, Jail Clinic, the County Jail Inmate Reception Center, attorneys, courts, family members and other parties involved in the process.

Court Liaison / Advocacy

We offer this service as we realize families need help to deal with the “wreckage” of the addict, especially when the family lives out of town. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove them from the dangerous situations, to negotiate the surrender of a rental residence to avoid eviction, to dispose of drugs & paraphernalia, return rental/lease cars. Occasionally it has been necessary to escort a client to pay off a drug debt to avoid threats of violence. We do whatever it takes to get the job done and help our client “leave the past behind.”


In certain first offense or minor cases, the courts approve of private counseling to address specific issues. We will do an assessment and create a tailor-made plan that will meet the client’s needs and satisfy the court requirements. This plan will generally include counseling, 12 step meetings, drug testing, written assignments, video presentation and topic specific reading. Private counseling can be completed at the client’s convenience.

Private Counseling

R.N.R. can provide supervision and guidance during a client’s treatment to make sure that they stay on track and fulfill their legal obligations. We will monitor the client’s treatment, regular progress reports as per court mandate, maintain regular contact with court, probation and provide referrals as needed. Once the client has completed treatment, we can place them into a structured, transitional living environment, such as sober living or a re-entry program. We can design an open ended, individualized approach, thereby enhancing our client’s chances success in sobriety.

Case Management

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