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Over the course of my 14 year career as an attorney, in both the private and public sectors, I have had the opportunity to meet with and work closely with many experts to assist us in helping get our clients’ lives back on track. What sets Mr. Zimmerman apart from any other Addiction and Rehabilitation expert I have ever worked with is his level of commitment and dedication to our clients’ betterment…


My clients have had more success with both the placement in appropriate programs, as well as, in their graduation/completion rates with Mr. Zimmerman’s placement, than with any other expert I have used in this respect. I believe that the key difference in Mr. Zimmerman’s services, compared to other experts I have used, is the “assessment” portion of his services. Rebeca D. – Attorney at law

I am currently a deputy public defender in Los Angeles, CA. In that capacity, I have moved the Los Angeles Superior Court for Mr. Zimmerman’s appointment in several criminal matters in which the District Attorney and the defense had agreed upon a probationary disposition for the defendant on the condition that he or she complete a residential drug or alcohol treatment program. The court has appointed Mr. Zimmerman in each of these matters, and I have found his service under the court’s authority to be exemplary; in each case, Mr. Zimmerman’s efforts were thorough, expeditious, and dogged, and often it was by virtue of his efforts that an intended disposition was accomplished.


In my view, Mr. Zimmerman provides an irreplaceable service, one that makes certain plea agreements possible. In the future, based on my prior experiences with Mr. Zimmerman, he is the first person I will consult in circumstances in which I have a client  suitable for rehabilitative placement, but whose placement presents extraordinary challenges. Dylan F. – Attorney at law

I have known and worked with Perry Zimmerman for more than ten years. Mr. Zimmerman is a highly principled and effective professional who has counseled dozens of my clients over the years, helping them to overcome addiction and receive help and treatment as part of their sentencing in their criminal cases. I will gladly vouch for his good character and excellent reputation in the legal community. Mark W. – Attorney at Law

The Los Angeles Transition Center has worked with Mr. Zimmerman for over 4 years as a court liaison between the clients and the program. He has been a worthy partner in this responsibility. He carries himself in a very professional manner. On a personal level I have known Mr. Zimmerman for approximately 5 years. He takes his job very seriously and he is very committed to his job. Henry Z. – Program Director

I have been honored to collaborate and work closely with Mr. Zimmerman in his position at Recovery Network Resource where we are able to utilize the referral process from his agency and within the criminal justice population and legal agencies.


Mr. Zimmerman is truly one of those treasured individuals who speaks the language of the addict and goes the extra mile to assist and help others recover from substance abuse. We are grateful for his compassionate spirit and undeterred determination to provide the best placement and care for anyone he works with. Karen M. – Program Director Salvation Army ARC

I am a Deputy Public Defender in Los Angeles County. I have had Perry appointed on my cases for at least four years. During that time, Perry has been a wonderful resource who goes out of his way to help me, the Court and my clients. I have found Perry to be courteous, reliable and extremely professional. I have recommended Perry to numerous colleagues and have had nothing but positive feedback. I am sure Perry has worked with me on over one hundred cases, perhaps even more.


Perry provides a service that helps attorneys, courts and defendants tremendously. His fees are extremely reasonable. Without his services, the total cost to settle these legal cases would be astronomical at a time when the county can least afford it. Rosann S. – Attorney at Law

I have worked and known Mr. Zimmerman for many years and I have found nothing but the utmost professionalism, knowledge, intelligence and patience in Mr. Zimmerman. Mr. Zimmerman is a necessary expert in  criminal justice  to meet with and interview criminal inmates, clients, assess their conditions, determine and locate suitable placements and provide his expert opinion to court. Jason S. – Attorney at Law

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