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About Us

Recovery Network Resource, R.N.R. was established in 2006 to provide treatment and recovery as an alternative to addiction and incarceration. The founding principle was people in recovery helping people get into recovery. It is important to share our “experience, strength and hope” with the addict and alcoholic who still suffers. It is equally important that we are able to share this information with the families of the clients that are affected and inform the court about the disease of addiction as a mitigating factor in drug related crimes. All of this is done in order to facilitate the placement of addicts and alcoholics into appropriate drug and alcohol treatment programs. R.N.R. is appointed by more courts than any other agency as an "expert" to provide evaluations, rehabilitation center placements and transportation services.


We offer the following services including but not limited to:


  • Assessment and screening

  • Drug & Alcohol program placement

  • Prison release rehabilitation center placement

  • Transportation - in-custody and long distance

  • Private counseling

  • Extractions


At R.N.R., our liaison service is based on the knowledge of the overall process to make sure that there is a smooth transition from incarceration to treatment. It is important that everything is coordinated to ensure that the program meets the court sentencing guidelines, that the inmate meets the program eligibility requirements and that it all comes together in a timely manner. This process requires that we interface with the probation and/or parole agents, Jail Mental Health to get medications, Document Control/Rehab Desk, attorneys, courts, family members and other parties involved in the process. We pick up personal belongings from inmate families to take with us to the program including clothing and medication not provided by the jail.


We also believe in giving back to the community as we are thankful for our own recovery. We offer some free services to homeless clients and help the Community Transition Unit when asked. On a regular basis we participate in Merit Program events at Wayside including motivational speaking. Recently, we were recruited by members of the Clergy Counsel to provide placement services to some of their clients and participate in Clergy Council events sponsored By Sheriff Lee Baca to bring the message of recovery to the community and help stop addiction.

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